Meltdown Kids is a series of seven books – one for every day of the week – for children and parents, educators and social workers to enjoy learning from.

The books are intended to help children who live with Sensory Processing Disorders who go into meltdown in everyday situations. Each story shows what triggers the meltdowns, the form they take, the impact they have on the children and those around them, and explain what strategies can be learnt to help the children and their families and other carers feel more in control.

The books focus on an overload story, but some of the children have other conditions too, such as Autism, ADHD and attachment difficulties.


I have used these stories with some individual children in Key Stage 2 to help them understand they are not alone and that school and family are there to help them. The children have loved them and the books have been great starters for discussion with children, families and teachers. An extremely useful series of books that are short and simple to read and perfect for primary schools.

Jo Bagshaw-Ray NASEN


My two kids (8 & 9 years old) both love The Meltdown Kids series. They easily relate to the characters and the behaviours presented in each of the stories – so much so, you can guarantee that they will shout ‘that’s like me!’ pretty much every time we read them together. They find comfort in finding characters just like them in story books, and the books present an easy, age-appropriate route into discussions around behaviours, feelings and what might be going on beneath it all.

A Mum


These books highlight how difficult everyday things are for children with sensory challenges through simple stories and clear examples. They flag up the problem, why it might have occurred and offer easy solutions.

CairnsMoir Connections Book of the Month May 2018