There are many identifiable signs that your child may have Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD.

In the same way as with other conditions, SPD exists on a spectrum. It might affect all of the senses or be limited to a single sense, such as touch.

Some children with SPD cannot stand the way certain clothes feel on their bodies. The pressure of seams on their skin may cause a reaction. Labels touching the back of the neck may have the same effect on the child. Some fabrics may be too itchy or too rough for the child to tolerate.

Clothing can be chosen to help avoid a reaction.

Simple styles can be selected. This means clothing with very few or a limited number of seams.

Labels can be removed carefully so that nothing remains and there is nothing to be felt on the skin at the back of the neck.

The clothing material can be selected carefully to avoid scratchy fabrics such as wool.