ADHD and Medication

Some children cannot inhibit exhibiting impulsive behaviour, such as ‘fight or flight’. This could be due to attachment wounds. They might have had a traumatic childhood. Or it could be that such children have ADHD.

So many of the children I work with struggle to inhibit their behaviour and get excluded from school as a result.

Many of the parents of children exhibiting impulsive behaviour of one kind or another are highly reluctant to consider medication for ADHD. They fear this will be somehow detrimental to their child.

However, in all my years of experience of working with children who are diagnosed with ADHD, and who are medicated due to their sensory processing under-responsive behaviours, I would say that I’ve only seen two cases when the child didn’t respond really well to the medication.

One little boy who has struggled for years with attention problems, always being ‘on the go’ and unable to focus, has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed medication, and the results have been amazing.

His mum usually dreaded picking him up from school but after seven weeks on Ritalin he was awarded the Champions Award for best work in the class.

It just shows that a child’s neurological imbalance can be supported so much through medical intervention. This is often frowned upon but my feelings as a therapist are that if a child needs medication for a condition like diabetes you would not deny them it just as you shouldn’t for inattention, impulsivity and the need to be constantly on the go.